Parking Lot Sweeping

After a long hard winter, some paved parking lots look like they have reverted to gravel. Gravel does serve a purpose over winter. It really needs to be removed for spring, summer, and fall. Lotworx does a lot of sweeping. Parking lot sweeping to be precise. We can provide a free estimate and get your lot gravel free in no time.

Lotworx has been doing parking lot maintenance in Regina since 1990. We have the specialized equipment and experience to get your parking lot like new again. All dirt, salt, and gravel will be removed from the lot and taken away. Surface lots or multi-level parkades. Pothole and pavement repairs can be addressed after the cleaning. Line painting can be quoted and added to the job if required.

Street Sweeping
clean parking lot

Not all parking lot lines are created equal. At Lotworx, we use the best quality equipment and paint to assure optimal results. Regina’s weather can be rough on things, to say the least. The paint is exposed to frigid lows and scorching highs. Torrential rain and dozer blades. Quality paint and proper prep go into every job.

Some people know spring has arrived when they see tulips bloom. Some people know spring has arrived when they see bright yellow lines in a cleanly swept parking lot. We don’t claim credit for spring’s arrival, but we do add to its display of colour. If your parking lot is crying out for new lines, give Lotworx a call. We will provide you with a free estimate.