Today more than ever people are considering that their home is their castle. They spend precious time there and want it to be just right. Lotworx has been assisting with that since 1990. We specialize in complete landscape design and construction. Our experienced staff can help make your vision a reality. They can also propose a design from their perspective. Either way, you can experience professional landscaping to enhance your life.

Get out and enjoy your yard the way you want to. Our staff can provide a free consultation and estimate. There might be elements that you can complete yourself. You might leave it all to Lotworx to complete. Our experienced staff can come up with the best plan to suit your budget and timeframe. We can also establish a contract to maintain your landscaping.

landscaping yard
contoured landscaped yard

Lotworx also supports lawncare maintenance contracts for our customers. Residential or commercial. We can look after all of your lawn care requirements. Spring aeration and fertilization, summer cutting and watering, fall raking, and sprinkler blowouts. We can look after your lawn and you can enjoy it. Lotworx will work on any size property in Regina or the surrounding area. We work with homeowners and property managers to get it done right.

We also do concrete break-up and removal. For old sidewalks, patios, or driveways that have outlived their usefulness. We can remove and dispose of the concrete. We can also replace it with interlocking brick or paving stones if that suits your plan. Call Lotworx today for a free estimate.